• BONOVO Equipment | Durable ditching clean bucket for trenching and loading

    BONOVO Equip...

    Excavator tonnage:1-80ton
    Capacity: 0.3-8m³
    Application:mainly used in ditch cleaning, sloping, grading and other finishing work.

  • Bonovo Equipment Sales | Pavement-removal bucket can be customized in size

    Bonovo Equip...

    Excavator tonnage:2-40ton
    Working condition:Drainage, groundworks and general landscaping,etc.

  • Bonovo China | Perfect fit any size for excavaor Tilt ditch bucket

    Bonovo China...

    Excavator tonnage:2-40ton
    Tilting Angle:90° tilt (45° in either direction)
    Working condition:Drainage, groundworks and general landscaping,etc.

  • BONOVO fit all sizes Durable good quality excavator thumb bucket

    BONOVO fit a...


    Type:Pin on/Weld on


    Recommended Applications: used in a variety of applications including the handling of disposable waste, brush, logs, construction debris, stones, pipes, landscape works and many others.


  • BONOVO Equipment Sales | Custom built loader bucket Log Loader Attachments Any width

    BONOVO Equip...

    Bonovo Loader Bucket is special for the scooptram for Mining. R1300,R1600,R1700,R2900, LH410, LH517, ST1030 buckets are very popular . besides the bucket structure, BONOVO also supplies the replacement teeth system for Bonovo Underground Loader Bucket as well as the reinforced plans according to Customers’ Requirements.

  • Underground loader bucket for wholesale and retail with aftersale service-from BONOVO factory direct sale

    Underground ...


    Fit Brand:Caterpillar,Komatsu,John Deere,Volvo,etc



  • Bonovo Equipment Sales |Durable skeleton screening bucket sieve bucket of all sizes

    Bonovo Equip...

    Excavator Range: 1-50T
    Grid Size: Customizable
    Bucket Type: with teeth/ bolt on
    Recommended Applications: applied to excavation of relatively loose materials in governmental, agricutural, forestry, water conservancy projects.

  • 360 rotary screening bucket suitable for 1-50t excavators

    360 rotary s...

    Excavator ranger:1-50 tons
    Working conditions: Separating Materials Like Construction and Demolition Waste, Top Soil, Turf, Compost Soil and Roots.

  • Bonovo severe-duty bucket quarry bucket for digging in severe ground conditions where rock is prevalent

    Bonovo sever...

    Excavator ranger:20-100 tons

    Structure:GET options,Extended and reinforce lip,Side wear plates,Removable pins
    Working conditions: used for loading in highly abrasive applications such as severe rock,delivering a higher level of wear
    protection to extend its lifetime in aggressuvely abrasive applications


  • Bonovo original design customizable general-duty excavator bucket for attachments business

    Bonovo origi...

    Excavator ranger:1-50 tons

    Material: HARDOX450,NM400,Q355…etc
    Working conditions: use in light duty operations like excavation and loading of earth,sand,loose rock and gravel,etc

  • mini excavator bucket for wholesale and retail

    mini excavat...

    Application:digging narrow cable trenches, pipe culverts or drains, soil, sand, clay etc.


  • Bonovo factory direct sale extreme-duty bucket rock bucket for digging soft rock

    Bonovo facto...

    Excavator ranger:1-50 tons
    Working conditions: Mainly used for digging hard soil, mixed with a relative soft stone and clay, softer stones and other light load operating environment.
    Structure:GET options,Extended and reinforce lip,Side wear plates,Removable pins

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